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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most frequently asked questions.

What are the available payment methods?
Is it safe to pay on-line?
What are the shipping delivery times?
What are the available shipping options?
What are the services fees?

* What are the available payment methods? Top of page

There are several methods of payment.

By credit card on line
This is the most common payment method. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover cards. Credit card transactions are all processed by Paypal. Paypal is the most renowned internet payment transaction company. For your safety, we do not have access to your credit card information and unless you open a Paypal account, you must re-enter your credit card number for each transaction. You do not have to open an account with Paypal to complete a transaction with us, but may do so to simplify your future transactions with us and on internet in general.

With your Paypal account
If you already have a Paypal account, you are familiar with the process and you can use this account to pay for your purchase from us.

By telephone
First complete your order on line, than call (514) 288-8778 to pay.

By check, bank transfer, mail, money order etc..
First complete your order on line, than call (514) 288-8778 to get instructions for your payment

* Is it safe to pay on-line? Top of page

Your credit card information is processed on the highly secured site of Paypal, a third-party processor. Paypal is a pioneer in internet transactions and is affiliated with EBay. Paypal processes billions of dollars worth of transactions every year. For your safety, Express-Gift-Certificates.com does not have access to any of your credit information and this information is not held in our database.

Unless you open a Paypal account, you will have to provide your credit card information each time you process a new transaction on www.Express-Gift-Certificates.com. We are committed to keeping all your personal information like your name, address, and telephone numbers strictly confidential.

* What are the shipping delivery times? Top of page

Shipping delivery times vary with the shipping option that you choose. Our policy is to ship the certificates that you have ordered before noon the same day on regular business days.

* What are the available shipping options? Top of page

You have several shipping options. You will be requested to choose one in the transaction process. Some of the shipping options offer a tracking number and some require a signature on delivery. For those shipping modes requiring a signature, someone has to be present to accept the delivery.

It is also possible to ship via regular mail for purchases below 300$. However if you choose regular mail, there is no way to track your shipment and you accept to assume all risk of loss of your gift-certificates even though this risk is small.

Certain certificates identified as being of the "electronic certificate" type are sent by email.

* What are the services fees? Top of page

Service fees apply on certain gift-certificates. These fees are variable for each gift-certificate. The details of these fees appear in the shopping cart. Certain certificates have no service fees. We are working to have the best selection of zero-fee certificates.

Service fees cover the cost related to acquisition of the certificates, preparation costs, handling and shipping costs, credit card fees, customer service fees, as well as, website maintenance and development costs.

www.Express-Gift-Certificates.com offers you a highly practical service that simplifies your life. With our site, you can buy from a large selection of gifts options efficiently and ship them where you desire without having to leave your home or office. You will save a lot of time. Take advantage of www.Express-Gift-Certificates now!

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